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Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin 700mL

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Tags: Australian gin, Craft Gin, Gin, signature gin, Spirits

Four Pillars crafted this gin in partnership with one of the world's Top Ten Bartenders and the company's distiller specifically to make the perfect Negroni cocktail. This collaboration is part of the bartender series, designed to cut through the stronger flavours of Campari and sweet vermouth. The gin starts with the base botanicals and pungent juniper then layered with spicy Tasmanian pepper berry and cinnamon. To offset the smokiness of these ingredients, the gin is balanced with organic blood oranges and ginger. Exotic West African Grains of Paradise, an unusual spice with clove and Sichuan characteristics. This gin is intense, spicy, and fundamentally unique.

43.8% 700ml