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Kensei Japanese Blended Whisky 700mL

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Tags: Japanese Whisky, Spirits, Whisky

After cocoa and subtle wood notes. On the palate of tropical fruits and white flowers. It is said that it is the climate that, together with the Japanese lifestyle, shapes the characteristic taste of Japanese whiskeys. More seductive spirits for a balanced, smooth and refined palate result from a variety of fermentation and distillation processes. Kensei fully represents these parameters as a mix of fine Japanese whiskeys matured in small oak barrels in a tiny village between Kanagawa and the Nagano Mountains. Here in Kiyokawa, which means "pure river" and reveals the importance of water during the production process, harmony and balance reflect the style of this blanded whiskey, which honors the Japanese culture of the Kensei samurai. An already noticeable balance in the nose, which is characterized by the seductive notes of freshly cut flowers, dried fruits and a hint of oak. Pleasant on the palate, with a velvety structure and a hint of sweet spices. Long, warm and fruity finish. 

40% 700ml