Los Siete Misterios Mezcal - Espadin

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Tags: Mezcal, Spirits
Type: Tequila

Clay pot distilled!

Siete Misterios Espadin was the first mezcal expression that Siete Misterios released. While on a trip into the Sierra, they visited the small community of Sola de Vega. The mezcal they tasted there was all hand milled and clay pot distilled, which they noted as giving the mezcal sweeter and spicier features compared to mezcal made in other regions. After tasting this mezcal, they knew that it was the one they needed to release. At about 50% ABV, this mezcal is smooth, and it is always distilled to proof.

46% 750ml

Mezcal Type:  Joven 100% - Espadín (Angustifolia Haw) Agave

Cooking: Earth oven, using wood and river stones.

Milling: Hand smash in Sabino wood canoes.

Fermentation: Open / Natural in wood vats with wild yeasts and spring water.

Distillation: Double in Clay Pot Still

Region: Sola de Vega, Oaxaca.



Sweet citrusy espadin with some black pepper and anise readily available on the back of the tongue. 



Silver 2011: Spirits of Mexico