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Poor Toms Pina Colada Gin 700ml

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Tags: Australian gin, Craft Gin, Gin, NSW gin, signature gin, Spirits

Once again defying the laws of common sense and decorum, our Pina Colada Gin is so uncouth, that it is sophisticated. Now you can experience all the glamour of a cruise ship holiday, minus the bed bugs.

A classic juniper gin shares the bunk cabin with pineapple and coconut - joined on their salacious paradise sojourn by lime, pandas, nutmeg, allspice and many more. Imagine a Pina Colada - coconut, pineapple,
spice and citrus - but redelivered to you in a bed of juniper berries. It’s a gin – but with the imagination of a Pina colada.

42% 700ml