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ROKU Gin 700mL

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Tags: Craft Gin, Gin, Imported Gin, signature gin, Spirits

Six (jap - Roku) different Japanese botanicals are used to craft the delicious, fragrant ROKU gin, a word that translates into "six" in Japanese. These herbs and floral ingredients are cultivated throughout all four seasons, delivering a truly immersive experience into the full year in Japan.

Each is harvested at the peak of its growing season to ensure freshness and purity, and the master distillers at Roku extract them individually for the best flavours. These include Sansho Pepper, Sakura Leaf, Sakura Flower, Gyokuro Tea (Refined Green Tea), Yuzu Peel, and Sencha Tea (Green Tea). Delicately aromatic with a smooth finish, this gin is delicious served well-chilled over ice, with just a splash of sparkling water or organic tonic to release the aromas.

43% 700ml