White Bay Combo 4-pack

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Tags: Beer, Craft Beer, Craft Beers, Hazy, IPA, Pale Ale

1x Withe Bay Blackberry and Rhubarb

This beer started life on a simple malt bill of pilsner malt along with raw and malted wheat. A lengthy kettle souring developed a refreshing underlying acidity that pairs beautifully with the large additions of blackberry and rhubarb puree. This sour beer are heavily influenced by the jams and preserves of eastern Europe and this beer is no exception, just like Babushka used to make!

4.7% 355ml


1x White Bay Sunny Hazy pale Ale

Sunny undergoes generous whirlpool hop additions as well as a double dry hop to build in layers of hop derived flavours. The house ale yeast strain also contributes a wonderful fruity character. Common descriptors of Sunny amongst the brew crew include words like " tropical", "passionfruit delight with underpinnings of mango and pineapple sage".

Sunny is unfiltered and spends a minimum of 28 days in the fermenter prior to packaging. The tank time and lack of filtration allows us to express Sunny in what we believe to be it's best form.

4.5% 375ml


1x White Bay Crusher Pale Ale

Crusher is a hazy, full flavoured pale ale brewed with house ale yeast. We fermented this beer at colder temperatures to slowly develop and lock in flavours.

Crusher has been double dry hopped with our favourite new world German grown hops to build in layers of gummy peach rings, white grape and nectarine.

3.5% 355ml


1x White Bay Frontier Fields Hazy IPA

A beer inspired by pushing boundaries and taking the road less travelled. Double dry hopped with Mosaic, Strata and Lemon Drop hops.

6.8% 355ml