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Chuck it into your pocket

Dervana Vodka from Sweden is the first vodka you can smug... bring to a party in a pocket of your jeans. Comfortably!
What's inside. The Swedes are known to be making one of the best vodkas available in the market, that's a fact! Can you remember Absolut? This is the most notorious one. Meet another one!
People from Dervana decided to continue the national traditions and standards of a high quality vodka. They slowly distill their spirit for three times from the Swedish winter wheat and then mix it with the purest and natural spring water. Dervana Vodka is a 40% ABV vodka.
Dervana is a vodka with no smell but it has its unique character. It is easily drinkable neat and works very well in cocktails. I would recommend the Moscow Mule as one of the best cocktails for Dervana Vodka to unfold the character.
Yet the Dervana's unique packaging is the its best feature.
What's outside. Each 50 ml shot is packaged into an individual flexible and compact sachet with a tear away top that easily opens without spilling a drop of the drink. Just remember not to sit on your jeans' back pocket where Dervana is!
Heading to a party, concert, festival, you nan's anniversary? Just chuck one or two Dervanas into your pocket and you are well prepared!
You aren't going to enjoy your Dervana alone, are you? Because Dervana Vodka comes in a pack of 4 of the 50 ml sachets and good to share with your friends or your bored grandpa at the home party of your nan.
Take Dervana with you for a hike or camping trip as the packaging weighs absolutely nothing compared to glass and won't take too much space in you backpack as it's flexible and almost unbreakable.
An individual sachet of Dervana Vodka also meets the airlines' regulations in terms of volume of liquid and can be taken with you on board and it is easier to carry in your cabin luggage than the traditional tiny 50 ml bottles and weighs less. Just saying,