Smokey smoked botanicals

Botanic Australis Dry Gin from Mt Uncle Distillery has been in the market since 2012 and was recognised by gin lovers across Australia and overseas. The master distiller was inspired by the classic London dry gin recipe but decided to substitute the original ingredients with Australian native botanicals. Most of those ingredients are being harvested locally in the Far North Queensland where the distillery is situated.
The Botanic Australis Dry Gin features a very refreshing and crisp nose with dominating juniper and anise coming first and eucalyptus kicking off next. On the palate, we have peppermint gum, river mint conveying refreshing tones and followed by anise myrtle in the dry finish.
However, the head distiller kept experimenting with now his own recipe and decided to add a unique feature to it. Meet Australia's first smoked gin the "Bushfire Smoked" Botanic Australis Gin! The gin where the 14 botanicals that we are already familiar with from well known Botanic Australis Dry Gin were smoked with Iron Bark before the 36-hour long maceration.
The smoked botanicals create and convey woody, smoky and earthy tones to the gin's palate. Those tones and strong on the nose too and are adorned with a sweet hints of maple.
Try Botanic Australis "Bushfire Smoked" gin on the rocks or with your favourite mixer by an open fire and feel the smoky aroma of the gin that should deepen your enjoyment of your outdoor time with your family or friends and the drink.