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23rd Street Red Citrus Gin 700mL

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Tags: Australian gin, Christmas Gin, Craft Gin, Gin, Pink Gin, SA gin, South Australia gin, Spirits

The fresh burst of a halftime orange wedge from your childhood winter sport. Zesty Riverland blood oranges, cara cara navels and spicy botanicals are slow-steeped to extract every heart-warming drop of flavour. Enticing aromas of orange, zest and slight musk awaken the senses. The palate begins with juicy citrus, followed by rounded spice, herbal intrigue and zest. Delightful neat, exquisite with soda or however you please.

Riverland cara cara navels and blood oranges are harvested fresh for this distinctive gin. Balanced with juniper, pepper berry, coriander, cinnamon myrtle, camomile, and strawberry gum the botanicals are distributed across six botanical baskets and slow steeped in our sugarcane spirit for up to two days.

40% 700ml



On the nose, the gin is citrusy and zesty. The palate begins with juice citrus, followed by spice, herbs and zest wit clean finish.