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Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degrees Vodka 700mL

  • $53.90


Tags: Australian gin, Australian vodka, Craft Vodka, Plain Vodka, SA vodka, Spirits, Vodka

Vodka; a fleeting thought for most has become a reflection of what we do at Adelaide Hills Distillery. For a spirit that champions neutrality; crafting it to tell our story and show our pedigree has been one of the most difficult challenges we have ever taken on.

The first major decision is delivering our true Australian Signature, anchored in the Adelaide Hills. To achieve this we searched for regional characteristics and source material that would tell our terroir story. For us the Adelaide Hills is one of the World’s best wine and fruit growing regions of Australia, the predominant crops being grapes and apples.

Selection of the raw material was one whereby the waste material of the winemaking industry is utilised giving it an effective second life. Grape marc (waste skins, seeds, fruit, juice) is utilised and rectified to craft our unique vodka. We simply then charcoal filter the vodka to ensure purity and that we retain the regional Adelaide Hills characteristics and a touch of character that make our liquid stand out, giving subtle notes of citrus and floral tones.

38% 700ml