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Aerstone 10 Year Old Sea Cask Malt Scotch Whisky 700mL

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Tags: Scotch Whisky, Spirits, Whisky

Perched on the intense environs of the Ayrshire coast, Scotland, Aerstone distillery have a unique process, carefully maturing their single malts in two different casks in opposite climatic conditions – by the sea and inland – for a clearly differentiated taste. The whiskies matured in the seaside warehouse are smooth with a hint of salt, while the casks that sit further inland are more peated, rich and smoky.

 40% 700ml



It's light and floral with a subtle, nutty character. Delicate oak, malted biscuits and creamy vanilla background on the nose. And lightly-toasted almonds, sweet cotton candy and a gentle vanilla oak, balanced with a touch of tannin on the palate. The finish has lingering oak with delicate sweetness.