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Archie Rose Bone Dry Gin 700mL

  • $88.90


Tags: Australian gin, Craft Gin, Gin, NSW gin, signature gin, Spirits

Bone Dry Gin features juniper that has been distilled three different ways using a copper pot-column hybrid vacuum stills. These world-class stills eliminate the damaging impact of heat on delicate botanicals, leaving us free to explore the many attributes of this multifaceted ingredient. To draw out a multitude of diverse flavours from our Macedonian juniper, this hand foraged ingredient was both cold and hot distilled to create three distinct expressions.

Joined by a supporting cast of single estate Australian coriander seed, Tahitian lime and lemon scented gum, the resulting spirit offers a supple start on the palate that makes way for a bold balance of citrus and herbaceous intensity that dovetails to a profoundly pine-laden dry finish.

Bone Dry Gin rigorously balances a huge amount of raw power with nuance, poise and complexity to reveal an elaborate juniper experience that makes a great G&T and an even better Martini. Perfectly paired with Oysters.

44% 700ml



Macedonian juniper

Single estate Australian coriander seed

Tahitian lime and lemon scented gum



Clean and crisp with juniper and coriander aromas. Balanced citrusy and herbaceous intensity on the palate and pine-laden dry finish.