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Archie Rose Eau de Bee Honey Spirit 700mL

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Tags: Artisan, Spirits

Meet the distillery's latest experimental limited release, Eau De Bee Honey Spirit—a fantastic expression of one of our favourite natural products. Created as a celebration of Blue Gum Honey and the complex array of flavours this noble ingredient offers, Eau De Bee showcases honey’s natural beauty, free from oak aging or adjustment.

To make Eau De Bee Honey Spirit, Archie Rose distillery fermented Blue Gum Honey in our bespoke Washback no.12 for seven days before it was cold distilled in a one-of-a-kind copper vacuum stills. The resulting spirit offers soft, creamy notes of golden syrup, creme fraiche, elderflower and cherry ripe, followed by a dazzling display of delicate florals and stone fruit that will leave any eau de vie, rum or brandy drinker truly satisfied.

Eau De Bee Honey Spirit honours the creatures that pollinate a wealth of biodiversity, and 10% of proceeds from its sale will be donated to Wheen Bee Foundation, Australia’s leading bee charity.

For those unaccustomed to drinking eau de vie, think of this spirit as an unaged brandy or blanco tequila. Try it neat or in the place of tequila or white rum in a cocktail.

40% 700ml