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Archie Rose Triple Molasses Rum 700mL

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Tags: Australian Rum, Craft Rum, Rum, Spirits

Triple Molasses Rum is an assertive and exclusive navy-style rum, meticulously crafted by harmonizing three varieties of local New South Wales molasses, yielding a robust yet intricately balanced elixir. Aged in apera casks, previously used for aging Australian sherry-style fortified wine, this rum gains an added dimension of opulence, complexity, and an unmistakably Australian twist.

Our aspiration has always been to pay homage to the rich sugarcane heritage of New South Wales through the art of rum-making. This exceptional rum signifies the culmination of three distinct explorations into various molasses types and their influence on the rum's flavor, as exemplified by our prior releases: Fancy Molasses, Mill Molasses, and Refiners Molasses Rum. It elegantly melds the essence of these three diverse molasses styles to create a formidable, yet inviting, contemporary Australian rum.

With an aromatic profile of exuberant butterscotch, treacle, and caramelized banana, a palate that envelops the senses with notes of mango, caramelized pineapple, and hazelnut butter, and a protracted, intricate finish characterized by undulating waves of dark caramel and tropical fruits.

46% 700ml