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Archie Rose White Cane 700mL

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Tags: Australian Rum, Craft Rum, NSW rum, Rum, Spirits, Unaged Rum

Inspired by Australia’s long and storied rum history, White Cane is our local reimagining of a spirit known to most of the world as white rum and Archie Rose distillery's latest core range spirit. Treated with the same respect for ingredients and support for local producers that we do with all our releases it features high-test NSW molasses, cold distilled using our vacuum still to capture the delicate, delicious flavours of locally sourced sugarcane resulting in a spirit that is pillowy soft with a refreshing finish.

In the glass? It’s a vibey, easy, elegant drink made to sip when the air is humid and the energy and spirits good. Or to conjure those halcyon days in the depths of winter, as you swan around your living room in a robe, Pina Colada in hand.

40% 700ml