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Bass & Flinders Eau de Vie 500mL

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Tags: Artisan, Australian gin, Spirits
Type: Liquor & Spirits

Bass & Flinders Eau de Vie is an un-aged grape spirit full of fruit flavours and viscous characteristics. Eau de Vie is the essence of the fruit captured in a spirit then bottled. The finesse of a clear, light un-aged spirit is contrasted by the fragrant bouquet of fresh fruit. Such diametrically opposed characteristics are rarely found in the one glass.

Eau de Vie or 'water of life' also encapsulates all that stands at the heart of Bass & Flinders Distillery. It is this spirit from which all other products from our range are created and yet Eau de Vie is also a beautifully refined spirit in its own right.

This spirit is created in a pot still from premium quality Chardonnay sourced from a single Victorian vineyard. Bass and Flinders employs traditional processes that have been used in the Charente region of France for centuries. A double distillation of small batches of wine takes place under strictly controlled heating conditions. Once the 'heart' of the spirit is captured, it is adjusted to 40% alcohol before being bottled immediately to preserve the freshness and aroma of the grapes.

Traditionally enjoyed as a digestive. Or try replacing the base spirit in your favourite cocktail with Eau de Vie for a smoother, more velvety alternative.

40% 500ml