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Bass & Flinders Noble Stranger Australian Brandy 700mL

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Tags: Australian Brandy, Brandy, Spirits
Type: Brandy

Heroes arise whenever they are called for. Big-hearted, generous and brave, they rush in where others fear to tread. Admired for their distinguished courage, a hero is someone who is supremely noble, one might say a Noble Stranger - generous of spirit with noble qualities, an outstanding character worthy of being honoured.

This is brandy. This is our Noble Stranger. Fragrant and elegant, yet rich and smooth. A warm embrace of sweet spice and silky texture, our noble spirit coats the mouth with complex, deep flavours on every sip. The golden elixir embodies the spirit of an era that never ended and signifies the re-emergence of the unique and exciting journey of fine brandy, a spirit that puts the art back into artisanal.

To paraphrase a quote from English writer and moralist Samuel Johnson, “Wine is for the young at heart, fortified for the experienced, but those who aspire to be a hero drink brandy.”

Noble Stranger is a natural and pure representation of brandy. Hand-crafted by our artful distillers in very small batches where old world meets new. A subtle blend of tradition with modern personality and character, bringing to life the infinite richness of the land that is our home.

A noble spirit for a noble heart. The true definition of artisan Australian brandy.

40% 700ml



Noble Stranger is a truly Australian brandy crafted from 100% Victorian Chardonnay.



Floral aromas with hints of sweet spice and a silken smooth mouthfeel with lingering flavours of honeysuckle, clove, nutmeg and vanilla, rounded out with citrus rind. An approachable yet elegant brandy, perfect for sipping or mixing into your favourite brandy cocktail.