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Elemental Coffee & Pimento Bitters

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Tags: Bitters, Elemental
Type: Bitters

Elemental Coffee & Pimento Bitters. A slow maceration of medium roasted coffee beans from the highlands of Ethiopia, enhanced with a touch of blackstrap molasses and spicy pimento. An aromatic bitter to perfectly compliment any matured spirit whether neat or in a classic cocktail.

Designed with the cocktail in mind, Coffee & Pimento Bitters is made from a maceration of 100% natural ingredients sourced from New Zealand farms and co-operatives. Made entirely by hand in batches of less than 250 bottles with no artificial sugar or colouring.

55% 100ml


  • Coffee beans ‘Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia’ (Ozone Coffee Roasters, New Plymouth, NZ)
  • Pimento 'allspice' berries (India)
  • Blackstrap molasses (Australia)


  • Silver 2019 London Spirits Competition
  • Gold 2019 New Zealand Spirits Awards
  • Gold 2018 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition