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FAIR Juniper Gin 500mL

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Tags: Craft Gin, Gin, Imported Gin, signature gin, Spirits

The botanicals used in FAIR Gin are sourced in the Cognac region of France and across Central Asia through local organic certified co-ops. This spiced gin is made from organic juniper berries along with its other botanicals which are all macerated in small batches for one week during production. All the ingredients are distilled once in a Stupfler still.

This kind of still is quite famous in the production of liqueurs as it retains more flavour than any other still in the market. It is considered one of the best stills for small batch gin production.


42% 500ml







Angelica root

grains of paradise




Soft and delicate on the palate moving to a fresh, strong juniper flavour with an exquisite balance of fragrant spices