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Hartshorn Distillery Sheep Whey Vodka 500mL

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Tags: Australian vodka, Craft Vodka, Plain Vodka, Spirits, Vodka, Whey Vodka

A sweet, creamy nose followed by a smooth finish and velvety body make Hartshorn Distillery's Sheep Whey vodka a super premium spirit. There's a touch of delicate sweet brown sugar on the nose, followed by a fresh, aromatic floral undertone. Fresh pear and golden apple flavours add interest to the palate, which is finished with a hint of leather and wild spices. There's a distinct mineral undertone, which gives a raciness to the spirit. There's a touch of heat to add interest with smoothness, and this vodka has plenty of character. This is delicious in a martini with green olives with different stuffings, or in a Bloody Mary to complement the spiciness of the drink

40% 500ml