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Hendrick's Flora Adora 700mL

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Tags: Craft Gin, Gin, Herbal Gin, Imported Gin, Spirits

Flora Adora is a limited-edition addition to the Hendrick's range. This gin offers a remarkably floral experience, retaining the iconic Hendrick's DNA of rose and cucumber while incorporating additional floral botanicals that are highly favored by pollinating insects.

As with previous additions to the Hendrick's range, master distiller Lesley Gracie served as the driving force behind this creation. Inspired by the sight of pollination in her own garden along the Ayrshire coast of Scotland, Gracie sought to infuse the essence of spring into this delightful gin.

Embrace the refreshing essence of spring with the delightful fragrant spritzes that Flora Adora brings to the table.

43.3% 700ml