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JimmyRum Silver Premium Spirit 700mL

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Tags: Australian Rum, Craft Rum, NSW rum, rum, Spirits, Unaged Rum
Type: Rum

JimmyRum Silver Premium Australian Spirit Now  Available – 3 adventurous years in the making and produced in our beautiful 1500 litre copper still Matilda, JimmyRum’s first spirit is now online.
Jimmy drinks his neat, no ice, no mixer, no muckin’ round, at JimmyRum we don’t judge though, so drink it how you like it; with a simple dry and fresh lime or in your favourite rum cocktail, any way you choose to use it, it’ll leave you wanting more.

40% 700ml



Sugar Cane spirit



The spirit has rich aromas of warm vanilla, hints of butterscotch and caramel, a touch of fresh grass and a long clean finish.