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Joadja Highland Gin 500mL

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Tags: Australian gin, Craft Gin, Gin, London dry gin, NSW gin, Spirits

Joadja Highland Gin has been produced in the London Dry Style and created as a tribute to Joadja Valley and the Southern Highlands. With Joadja being home to hundreds of native species of flora and fauna, this blend was created to help fund conservation projects. With this in mind, Joadja Highland Gin champions native Australian botanicals including Strawberry Gum, Mountain Pepper, Lemon Myrtle, Cinnamon Myrtle and Anise Myrtle, all of which capture the essence of the land that is home to Joadja Distillery.

Using pristine water from the on-site spring, each botanical is distilled separately to produce ten infusions that are then carefully blended together to create a balance of flavours and a truly unique Joadja Highland Gin

 43% 500ml




Aniseed Whole,

Angelica Root,



Lemon Myrtle, 

Strawberry Gum,

Mountain Pepper, 

Cinnamon Myrtle,

Anise Myrtle.



Nose: Nose opens with an even aroma of juniper and piney styles.  Pinecone, pepper and root notes. Given time, the piney top notes diminish slightly to yield base structure of citrus. The myrtle components are incorporated elegantly into the gins structure and do not oppose the additional elements. Subtle pepper tones are maintained throughout the nosing experience although the rooty initial top notes have eased. This is a beautiful trait as it creates journey and evolution of the gins aromatic profiles.

After several minutes in the glass, lemon essence continues as does a subtle medicinal-woody style. The gin is very pleasant to nose.