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Never Never Fancy Fruit Cup 500mL

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Tags: Australian gin, Australian liqueur, Craft Gin, Gin, Liqueur

A contemporary Australian version of the much-enjoyed fruit cup. Made in collaboration with Marionette Liqueur, an incredible producer of Australian liqueurs.

Combines our award-winning Triple Juniper Gin for a juniper backbone with Marionette’s barrel-aged Orange Curaçao (a blend of navel, Seville and blood oranges), Australian and exotic spices, and Earl Grey tea for tannin structure – to create a uniquely Australian aperitif.

It’s about taking everything the English gave us and simply doing it better!

27% 500ml



Complex citrus mingles with tea, fragrant pine and wooded spice on the nose. Sweet initially, then dry, with bergamot, orange rind, ginger root, cinnamon and juniper lingering on the palate. Aperitif in nature, the addition of sweet curacao offers initial viscosity before along, extended finish of tea tannin and spice finish.