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Red Hen Ultra Violet Dry Gin 500mL

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Tags: Australian gin, Craft Gin, Gin, Pink Gin, SA gin, South Australia gin, Spirits

The use of Butterfly Pea Flower gives the Ultra Violet it's distinct colour, which transforms to a vibrant Pink with the addition of Tonic Water. A well rounded gin with a light oily Juniper texture, delicate spicy notes shine through from the presence of Coriander Seed and Pepper, followed by a mellow sweetness to finish on the back of Vanilla and Cassia.

It is produced in the Adelaide CBD's first ever Distillery. The first batch of Ultra Violet was released to the market in December 2020, following 18 months of tinkering with the colour and flavour to perfect. A staple at Bars & Pubs in South Australia, providing an exciting opportunity to expand into other Australian states.

42% 500ml