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Tempus Two Copper Wild Botanicals Gin 700mL

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Tags: Australian gin, Craft Gin, Gin, Spirits

Tempus Two do things differently. They don’t follow tradition. They go beyond it. Unshackled from winemaking traditions, their Copper series makes any occasion a celebration, so they decided to make a gin with flavours that help create memorable moments.

Beyond the traditional juniper berry and coriander, the Wild Botanical Gin is distilled with native Australian botanicals including desert lime, orange peel, salt bush and wattle seed. Indulgent.

40% 700mL


Packed full of Juniper, the inclusion of the Australian botanicals and the underlying character from the Shiraz wine spirit produce an intense Gin with Citrus, earthiness, Shiraz sweetness, and a hint of saltiness to produce an intense but well rounded Gin lovers Gin.