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Winding Road Agricole Blanc Virgin Cane Spirit 700mL

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Tags: australian rum, Craft Rum, NSW rum, Rum, Spirits, Unaged Rum
Type: Rum

Agricole Blanc Virgin Cane Spirit is hand-crafted from start to finish using first-press juice from sugar cane that was grown in the Byron Bay region and collect by the distillers themselves. They then use a specially selected strain of yeast and employ a long and slow fermentation before twice distilling it in our custom 1,250 litre copper pot still.  This process yields a complex, rich and layered profile that captures our northern New South Wales terroir and the seasonality of this unique spirit.

An unaged expression, it stands wonderfully on its own or in cocktails and demonstrates the promise of a world-class Agricole-style rum after a few years of maturation in select oak barrels.

48% 700ml



Sugar Cane spirit



Agricole Blanc Virgin Cane Spirit has been described as full of “BIG ‘hogo’ aroma, powerful and fruity with ripe pineapple and green banana notes” and “Lovely, soft and sweet on the palate”. We give attention to every detail throughout our fermentation and distillation processes, resulting in a beautifully complex, funky, and full-bodied spirit.