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Wynns Reframed Fiano Pinot Grigio Arneis 750mL

  • $23.90


Tags: White Wine, Wine

Wynns pays homage to the burgeoning presence of Italian grape varietals in Australia's Limestone Coast.

The Fiano variety, with its zesty and spicy qualities, takes the lead, while Pinot Grigio and Arneis contribute heft and subtle fragrances. The wine is characterized by its crisp and invigorating nature, yet it carries a touch of opulence that makes it a fitting choice for any dining occasion.

On the nose and palate, Fiano takes the spotlight with its citrus, pear, and spicy notes, accompanied by a tactile pithy texture. Pinot Grigio and Arneis join in, lending weight, delicate fragrances, and savory undertones. The outcome is a wine that exudes freshness for summertime enjoyment while possessing the body and versatility to complement a wide range of dishes throughout the year.

12.1% 750ml